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Performance characteristics of Internal Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine
Nov 23, 2017

Internal Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine is one kind of shot blasting machine, and there is a certain targeted in its use, specifically, for the steel pipe inner wall blasting cleaning, or through shot blasting to enhance the performance of the steel pipe wall, so as to achieve the desired desired effect. Therefore, it is an important equipment, therefore, should be familiar with and understand, so that in the use of the equipment, there is a good use effect.

Internal Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine its structure, specifically, is included, sand tank lifting machine, separator, a sealing chamber body, a movable carriage, projectile loop and control system, automatic feeding system, dust removal system and electric control system, and these components and systems are part of a very important and indispensable.

Internal Steel Pipe Shot Blasting Machine Performance characteristics

1) the shot blasting machine has the advantages of compact structure, small footprint, simple operation and high production efficiency.

(2) a variety of feeding methods, for your choice. In addition, manual feeding can be done if necessary.

(3) the workpiece in the shot blasting machine is inclined to pour pills, so that it can save effectively, and make the projectile easy to flow out.

(4) the standard fittings are used on the fittings of the equipment, because it has good versatility. Moreover, the reliability and stability of the equipment can be greatly improved, and the higher work efficiency can be ensured.

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