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Plate shot blasting machine requirements of steel size and surface treatment
Mar 01, 2018

Plate shot blasting machine's steel pretreatment equipment is mainly used for all kinds of plates and profiles of pretreatment during the process of operation, so that it can to some extent effectively enhance the quality of steel produced by its manufacturers and added value effect.

Plate shot blasting machines have very high requirements on the dimensions of the steel during operation and as a result pose considerable challenges for various surface preparation operations due to the large number of plates and special profiles required during operation Prior to assembly, it performs its high quality, efficient cleaning, pretreatment activities such as cutting, welding and painting of the entire equipment.

The surface treatment of sheet shot blasting machines can to some extent be used as a process, the equipment in the pretreatment line to complete, the pretreatment line is a combination of shot blasting, primer and drying processes. After this process, the steel plates and profiles are thoroughly shot blasted and, at the same time, sprayed with a temporary anti-corrosion coating.

In addition to its external conveying equipment, the sheet shot blasting machine also includes preheating furnaces for pretreatment lines that can be operated during run-through shot blasting machines, spray booths and mobile grates with drying tunnels. The equipment provides a cross-conveyor system for the steel loading and unloading area, which allows uninterrupted loading and unloading of materials and effectively avoids collision damage of the material.


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