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Precautions for the operation preparation and operation of the cleaning machine
Apr 02, 2018

The cleaning machine is mainly used in the process of processing, assembly, use and maintenance of the equipment to produce or invade pollutants; it can also be applied to regular maintenance and filtration of working oil, improve cleanliness, avoid or reduce the fault caused by pollution, so as to ensure the high performance, high reliability and long life of the system equipment. That is to say, the main function of the washer is to finish cleaning.


First, let's introduce the preparation for cleaning machine. Before the equipment is opened, the staff need to have a thorough examination of the leakage of water in the pipeline system. If this is the case, the maintenance personnel should be informed of the repair.


Next, we should pay attention to see whether the cleaning liquid is enough in advance, if not enough, increase the cleaning liquid in time. If it is confirmed normal, it can turn on the washing machine for trial operation. Generally, it is first to be transported by air for two to three minutes. In this process, we should pay attention to checking the smooth movement of the transmission system (motor, coupling, reducer) and the transport belt.


During the operation of cleaning machine, safety is also needed. First of all, it is required to ensure that the cleaned parts should be placed neatly on the conveyor belt and not pressed on the rollers. Moreover, the cleaning parts placed on the conveyor belt cannot be overloaded to avoid affecting the cleaning effect. After work, the cleaned parts can't be put on the conveyor belt, and the whole machine will stop running according to the stop button.


Cleaning machines need different ways to clean different parts and systems in order to achieve the desired cleanliness. And the cleaning liquid should add water regularly and a certain proportion of metal cleaning agent to supplement the consumption and keep the liquid level at a certain height. If the cleaning effect of the cleaning machine fails to meet the requirements of the specified process, all the cleaning liquid should be replaced.


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