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Processing process of the characteristics of the Turntable Shot Blasting Machines
Dec 08, 2018

The rotary blasting machine is suitable for medium and small casting and forging parts, and the surface cleaning of flat thin wall and collision parts can also be used for surface strengthening treatment of certain gears, aluminum alloys and leaf spring parts. The rotary blasting machine is a foundation without pits, with low installation cost and convenient maintenance. The blasting machine is made of foreign advanced technology and has the characteristics of high throwing speed, large shot blasting and wearing parts.


When the rotary blasting machine is processed, in the workpiece area, the workpiece is manually placed on the small turntable. The turntable is slowly rotated by the motor and slowly moves into the projectile cleaning area with the workpiece. The blasting machine above and to the side of the zone simultaneously blasts the workpiece.


The impeller rotating at high speed in the blasting machine uniformly throws the steel shot onto the surface of the workpiece to remove the rust layer and scale. The projectile projectile is discharged from the gap of the fence in the projectile cleaning area, and then sent to the hoist through the screw conveyor, and then sent to the separator through the hoist. The separator separates the dust and the fine particles in the projectile. . The clean projectile is sent to the blast machine, which is accelerated by the blasting machine and then ejected onto the surface of the workpiece. After the project after the projectile is moved to the pick-and-place workpiece area with the rotation of the turntable, the workpiece is manually removed and placed in the turnover car.


As a professional mechanical equipment, rotary blasting machines are often used in the foundry industry, and its function and value are beyond reproach. In order to better play the role of the equipment, it is necessary to understand the working conditions of the equipment, otherwise it will easily lead to many situations.

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