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Product characteristics and cleaning effect comparison of steel plate shot blasting equipment
Apr 19, 2018

In view of the current application situation, steel plate throwing equipment can be used in different types of steel plate, after shot blasting treatment, it can effectively improve the quality of steel production in steel mills, and also have the effect of increasing the added value of the product. In fact, steel shot blasting equipment is more common in the construction of ships, drilling platforms and other marine projects. This is because these special industries have high requirements for the size of steel.

It also means that the surface treatment technology of all kinds of sheets is attracting more and more attention. In fact, in the process of plate processing, there are a large number of steel plates and special sections that need high quality and efficient cleaning, cutting, welding and spray painting before assembly. In the surface treatment process, steel shot blasting equipment is often used. Usually, surface treatment is done as a program on the preprocessing line.

What is the pretreatment line? Usually in a whole pretreatment line, it is mainly shot blasting by a steel shot blasting equipment, and the process of combining priming and drying process is combined. In this process, steel plates and profiles are thoroughly shot blast cleaned, and a temporary anticorrosive coating can be sprayed.

Then what is the difference between steel plate shot blasting equipment before and after cleaning up? At present, when the layout of the projectile is arranged, the projectile shaped steel plate preprocessing line is multi angle, and the advanced high efficiency projectile of the disc blade is selected in the world, and the high speed and dense projectile beam is ejected to strike the three-dimensional and omni-directional cleaning of the steel in the original state.

That is to say, after the cleaning and treatment of the steel plate throwing equipment, the rust layer, the slag, the oxide skin and the dirt on the surface of the steel plate can be effectively removed, so as to obtain a smooth surface with a certain roughness. In addition, the adhesion of the plate surface and the paint film can be improved by the treatment of the steel plate throwing equipment, and the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the steel plate can be improved.


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