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Production requirements and use characteristics of steel structure shot blasting machine
Dec 21, 2017

Steel structure shot blasting machine is mainly used for steel structure rack, metal structure, steel plate, steel (iron) when used in products and manufacturing of steel structure bridge, shot blasting machine can steel surface on the original state with strong blast, rust layer, oxide skin on the removed, in order to obtain a uniform with metallic luster. To improve the quality and effect of steel corrosion.

Steel structure shot blasting machine in the process of making room in the main box structure of welded steel plate with thickness of 8mm, the use of high intensity without causing the vibration of the equipment is used, the internal steel Mn13 shield protection plate with spigot connection, effectively extend the room the service life of the body, and can make full use of the rebound to form the two cleanup.

steel plate and H beam shot blasting machine.jpg

When the steel structure shot blasting machine is being used, in order to reduce the friction of the bottom hopper in the process of pellet falling, it contains buffer angle steel on the hopper. In order to prevent deviation in the process of workpiece feeding, there is a retaining plate at both ends of the roller. The number of shot blasting can be determined according to the size of the workpiece, which can reduce unnecessary energy waste and reduce unnecessary breaking of equipment.

The pellet feeding system of the steel structure shot blasting machine effectively adopts the photoelectric detection of the special gas control valve and the workpiece, and prevents the projectile from empty. The cylinder gate valve adopted by our company is a small and lightweight cylinder without base and ear seat, which is more stable, reliable and convenient for maintenance than traditional cylinder.


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