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Quality assurance measures for steel shot blasting machine.
Sep 14, 2017

    In actual production work, we must take some measures to achieve the aim of controlling the quality of products. We also need to take some appropriate measures to ensure the final quality of the steel shot blasting machine. So what effective measures can we take? There are many friends who are concerned about this problem.
    If you are interested in this question, please come with us to find out the details. In fact, in order to ensure the quality of steel shot blasting machine, we must strictly manage every link of the production process.
    First of all, we must ensure that the steel plates and profiles used are imported from the regular manufacturers, which means that the quality of raw materials should be strictly closed.
    Secondly, all the steel plates, profiles or components involved in the production of steel shot blasting machine must be derusted. After that, a coat of maintenance primer should be sprayed.
    The third point, all the supporting standard parts must be imported from the regular manufacturers, such as bearing, motor, speed reducer, etc.


    Steel shot blasting machine

Fourthly, we should also test the performance of the products of the steel shot blasting machine in advance, not only to carry out the no-load operation, but also to carry out the test in the load condition to check its operation.
    Fifth, a quality supervision group shall be established and the team members shall include designers and quality inspectors to supervise the production links above to ensure the quality of products.
    Finally it is important to note that when the steel shot blasting machine production is completed, and shall timely notify the user of the device at the beginning of each functional unit for acceptance, only after acceptance to the factory.

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