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Representative of high degree of automation of shot blasting machine
Oct 12, 2017

 Shot blasting machine is shot in the workpiece machining process of the operation of the equipment, if said some deficiencies still exist traditional shot blasting machine, so the improved equipment not only overcome the deficiency of the past, and they all showed a high degree of automation, in order to obtain the ideal effect of blasting processing provides a powerful guarantee. What is the degree of automation of the shot blasting machine? Is a kind of automatic up-down material crawler shot blasting machine, just need to workpiece on feeding hopper, the equipment will be under the action of hydraulic/pneumatic or chain, so that when the hopper up tilt, the workpiece into indoor blasting. Once the time of the scheduled shot is reached, it can be turned over by the crawler, and the cleaned workpiece will be sent out to the vibration conveyor, and then the material will be finished. The other is tilting roller type shot blasting machine, its biggest feature is that it comes with the automatic feeding system, and then it will be closed by the oil cylinder. Because of the tilt Angle of the pelleting machine, it can effectively hit the workpiece and avoid the collision between the workpiece.


Crawler,tumble Type Shot Blasting Machines, Industrial Automatic Steel Belt

The other is the roller - type shot blasting machine, which is different from the two kinds of shot blasting machines. It is to be transported to the shot blasting room by means of the front and rear rollers, and sent out after the cleaning. In contrast, the batch size of the granule-throwing machine is large, and the size of the room and roller can be customized according to the requirements of customers, which is an ideal choice for cleaning large steel structure.

Besides, there is also a high degree of automation of the shot blasting machine, which is the chain shot blasting machine. When working, you can use the top of the suspended chain to mount the cleaning parts, to achieve uninterrupted operation, and the efficiency is very high. No matter which type of shot blasting machine, only a small amount of manual can complete the shot blasting work, do not need to operate frequently to the shot blasting machine.

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