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Rotary Table Type shot blasting machine operating procedures and use requirements
Jun 29, 2018

Rotor table shot blasting machine face roughness <20mm, no water and relatively dry when used, the device's ambient temperature -20 °C ~ 60 °C; steel surface temperature is greater than the dew point above 3 °C, steel shot blasting The relative humidity is not more than 90%.

Rotary Table Type shot blasting machine operating procedures

In the process of operation, the Rotary Table Type shot blasting machine needs to strictly implement its staffing and training, and is familiar with the machine performance and characteristics to a certain extent. When using it, it is familiar with the operation procedures and use of the equipment manual. Repair and maintenance.

The worker of the Rotary Table Type shot blasting machine must check whether the various switches of its control cabinet are in the required setting position before they can be turned on. This can avoid malfunctions and damage their electrical level to a certain extent.

Mechanical equipment, causing equipment accidents. Non-native operators must not operate or touch the control area of the electrical switch, and must not approach the work area of the machine to avoid accidents.

Rotary Table Type shot blasting machine operators must wear protective work clothes, glasses, etc. When the operator turns on, he pays special attention to the indications of the various types of instruments on the panel. Only when the indicators of the various instruments reach the normal value can the small crane (roller table) be operated to enter the working procedure. If it is found that there is a large error in the indication of the individual instrument (abnormal), it will immediately shut down. Check the device troubleshooting before it can boot normally.


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