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Safety precautions of the passing throught type shot blasting machine
Dec 23, 2017
  1. through the scattered on the ground around the projectile type shot blasting machine should be timely cleaning whenever and wherever possible to slip, wounding, accident. Each class after work should be shot around the machine clean, do Nissan nissin.

    2. when working in a shot blasting machine, any person should stay away from the room. When the workpiece is cleaned up, enough time should be stopped to open the door of the shot blasting room.

    3. the total power supply of the equipment should be cut off during the maintenance of the passing throught type shot machine, and the corresponding part of the console should be marked.

    The protection device of 4. chain and belt can be disassembled only when it is overhauled, and it should be reinstalled after the repair work is finished.

    5. before each start, the operator should notify the staff of the site to be ready.

    6. when the equipment is working, in case of an emergency, an emergency button can be pressed to stop the operation by the machine so as to avoid an accident.

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