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Safety procedure for Rubber Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine
Jul 10, 2018

Rubber Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine  uses professional special tape, which is different from ordinary rubber belt.


Safe operation of Rubber Belt Type Shot Blasting Machine    :

(1) The workers of the shot blasting machine should wear the labor protection articles before they can start using the shot blasting machine, otherwise they will not be allowed to work.

(2) To add or recycle, you must first open some necessary parts or devices before proceeding.

(3) Periodic back flushing is required to remove dust. When the equipment is shut down, the back flushing time is extended by 30 minutes.

(4) Each control switch in the rubber belt type shot blasting machine is strictly prohibited to be continuously opened within a short interval to prevent the equipment from being too large and problems occur. For wearing parts and wear parts in the equipment, regularly check the wear and tear, if there is serious wear, etc., replace the new parts in time.


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