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Scope of use of shot blasting machine
May 02, 2018

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The shot blasting machine is also applicable to the following industries:


1. steel mills: steel and steel plates produced by steel mills have many burrs when they come out of the furnace, which will affect the quality and appearance of the steel products. These problems can be solved by using a shot blasting machine, and these problems can be solved easily.


2. shipyard: the steel plate used by the shipyard has rust, which will affect the quality of shipbuilding. It is impossible to use manual embroidery, so the workload will be very large. This requires that the machine can remove rust to ensure the quality of shipbuilding, and the use of series can be used to solve the problem.


3. automobile manufacturing plant: according to the work requirements of the automobile manufacturing plant, the steel plate and some casting parts used are all required to be polished, but can not damage the strength of the steel plate and the original shape. The shape of the cast parts should be clean and beautiful. Since automobile parts are not very regular, different polishing machines are required to complete them. The shot blasting machines need to be used are drum type, rotary table type, crawler type, through type shot blasting cleaning machine, and different mechanical parts for different parts.


4. hardware factory, electroplating factory: because the hardware factory and the electroplating factory require the workpiece surface to be clean, smooth and smooth, the shot blasting machine can solve these problems. The hardware factory has smaller workpieces, and the roller blasting machine and crawler type shot blasting machine are suitable for use, depending on the circumstances. If the cleaning works are small and the quantity is large, the crawler type shot blasting machine can be used to finish the workpiece's embroidery and polishing.


5. motorcycle matching factory: because of the smaller parts of the motorcycle parts, it is suitable for the use of the drum type shot blasting machine. If the quantity is very large, the hook type or the crawler type can be used.


6. valve factory: because the work pieces of the valve factory are all cast, they all need polishing and grinding to make it clean, smooth and smooth. This requires a shot cleaning machine to clean up these impurities. Available machinery: rotary table type, hook type shot blasting machine.


7. bearing factory: the bearing is made from the mold, the surface is smooth, but sometimes there are some impurities or burrs, which also needs cleaning. At this time, the ball cleaning machine will be used.


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