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Several kinds of troubles that are easy to appear in shot blasting machine
Apr 24, 2018

Shot blasting equipment in daily use, due to the use of the environment are often very bad, long-term floating dust, a large number of workpieces piled up in the workplace, the carelessness of operators, etc., it will inevitably lead to a variety of mechanical failures.


Frequently occurring failures are roughly the following:


I. Lubrication is not in place, or the bearing of each running component caused by the routine maintenance in strict accordance with the instructions for use does not cause any serious damage to the component, resulting in failure of a component to function properly.


2. Due to the large number of workpieces piled up and the turbulent work place, equipment or distribution boxes that have been exposed to damage to the cables exposed on the ground and at the edge of the equipment leak, or even burn out the motor due to loss of phase due to disconnection of the cable connector or breakage at one location.


III. There is no regular visual inspection of wear of the wear parts and the replacement of the chamber body or the blasting machine shell due to an untimely replacement.


4. Failure to promptly detect the wear of the blades or the timely replacement of the blades causes violent vibrations during the operation of the blasting machine that can damage the motor (straight-link shot blaster) or break bolts of the linkage blaster.


V. When adding steel shots, do not open the elevators and screw conveyors, or do not allow the lifting and screw conveyors to continue to operate for a certain period of time while shutting down, resulting in a large number of shots piled up on the screw shafts and hoists, which are hoists or spirals. Shaft load is too large to work properly.


6. When the hook of the hook-type shot blasting machine lands on the ground, the steel wire rope is scattered due to the large landing range, so that the electric rope hoist is damaged and the wire rope is buckled.


7. A lot of dust floating on the distribution box, or into the distribution box, causing operation buttons, contactor action does not work or failure, and even dust or debris caused too much contactor action is not in place, causing the lack of phase Burnout motor



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