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Shot blasting centrifuge Grinding Method
Apr 18, 2018

Shot Blasting Centrifugal Grinding Method: When a normal rotary grinder rotates at high speed, its material (mixture) will surround the grinding tank and there is no relative motion between the workpiece and the grinding stone. Therefore, there is no relative movement, and the grinding effect will be greatly reduced. Centrifugal grinding is equipped with several grinding grooves on the rotary shaft of the turret disk at equal distances. Planetary rotary motion is performed. Centrifugal force is applied, and the material will be surrounded by the centrifugal rotation on the outer side of the groove. The rotating outer disk is rotated and ground once, and the polishing tank is reversed once, and the material moves toward the rotating direction in which the space in the grinding tank is in contact with the upper portion. Because of the centrifugal force and the forced flow velocity, the material causes the free grinding stone and the workpiece to flow. Because of the poor relative motion of the flow, the grinding action is caused by the existence of poor relative motion. The rotation speed is 140~180r/min, and the relative motion difference and centrifugal force proportional to the number of revolutions increase. Its grinding effect exceeds 60 times that of a rotary grinder and is 5 to 8 times that of a vibration grinder. The centrifugal mill has a very good grinding ability and shows a great grinding force. It is used in the decoration of precision machinery such as clocks, electronics, and electrical parts, and is particularly suitable for the grinding of small parts.



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