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Shot Blasting machine applicable industry
May 22, 2017

1. Foundry Industry: The General Foundry enterprises produced by the casting needs polished polishing, and shot blasting cleaning machinery is the use of professional machinery. He uses different models depending on the workpiece, and does not damage the original shape and performance of the casting.

2. Mold industry: Generally speaking, the mold is more than casting, and the mold itself requires smooth, shot blasting cleaning machinery can be based on different requirements of polishing treatment, will not damage the original shape and use of the mold.

3. Steel mills: Steel production steel, steel plate, fresh out when there are many burrs, will affect the quality of steel and the product. These problems can be solved by the use of the pass-through shot blasting machine;

4. Shipyard: the steel plate used in the shipyard has rust, it will affect the quality of shipbuilding, it is impossible to use manual embroidery, so the workload will be very large, which requires the machine can remove rust, to ensure the quality of shipbuilding, the use of series through the formula can be resolved;

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