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Shot blasting machine for steel structure operating specifications and ejection distance settings
Jun 20, 2018

Steel shot blasting machine is one of the more equipment used in the surface treatment of steel structures. The operation of this equipment also needs to strictly comply with relevant regulations, and at the same time, the technical parameters of the shot blasting machine for steel structures must be correctly set. Satisfy the actual operation requirements and ensure a good working condition.


Operators of steel shot blasting machines must go through job training before they get to work. They are familiar with the performance and characteristics of the machine. At the same time, they are familiar with the operation procedures, use, maintenance and maintenance of the shot blasting machine manual. Before starting the equipment, it must be checked. It is necessary to check whether the various types of switches of the control cabinet are in the required setting positions before they can be turned on to prevent malfunctions, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, and equipment accidents.


When the steel shot blasting machine is used by the operator, protective overalls and glasses must be worn for safety. When starting up, pay special attention to the instructions of the various types of meters. When the indicators of the meters all reach the normal values, the small crane can be used to enter the working procedure. .


During the operation of the steel shot blasting machine, the operator must inspect the equipment to check whether there are abnormal noises and overheating of various parts. In addition, routine maintenance and weekly maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the regulations. Dust and debris in the dust collector should be promptly cleaned so as not to affect the dust removal quality and ensure the equipment's good rate.


After the work of the steel shot blasting machine is completed, the power switch of the machine is immediately cut off to prevent the equipment from being operated and the work place is cleaned up. With regard to the setting of the technical parameters of the steel shot blasting machine, it is necessary to emphasize the throwing distance of the shot blasting machine.


The shot coverage area of the steel shot blasting machine is a fan-shaped surface. The larger the distance from the sector surface to the workpiece is, the larger the projection area is, but the impact strength of the steel shot is smaller, so the shot throwing width is in the case of the best throw distance. The width is 80cm.



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