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Shot blasting machine safety operation
Apr 23, 2018

1. Operate the equipment strictly to perform special training for special personnel, and be familiar with the performance and characteristics of the machine.


2. Be familiar with the operation procedures, use, maintenance and maintenance of this device manual.


3. The operator must check whether the various types of switches (panels) of the control cabinet (panel) are at the required setting positions (including the power switches) before starting the machine. Then the operator can turn on the power switch to avoid malfunction, damage to electrical and mechanical equipment, and equipment accidents.


4. Non-operators must not operate or touch the control area of the electrical switch at will to avoid accidents.


5. Before the equipment is in operation, non-workers leave the equipment work area to avoid accidental injury.


6. When the operator turns on, pay special attention to the instructions of the various types of meters on the panel. Only when the indicators of the meters reach the normal value, can the operator operate the trolley (roller table) to enter the working procedure. If it is found that there is a large error in the indication of the individual instrument (abnormal), it will immediately shut down. Check the device troubleshooting before it can boot normally.


7. During operation of the equipment, the operator must inspect the equipment for abnormal noise and overheating of various parts. When there is a serious fault in the equipment found during operation, press the "Emergency Stop" button to stop the repair and cooperate with a professional to troubleshoot the equipment.


8. The operator must carry out the daily maintenance and weekly maintenance (including lubrication) of the equipment according to "equipment management". Clean up the dust and debris in the dust collector in a timely manner so as not to affect the dust removal quality and ensure the equipment is in good condition.


9. The operating personnel must perform civilized production and safe production while strictly implementing the shift system.


10. Strictly transport trolley-loaded workpieces, and run back and forth in the shot blasting chamber. Only the carriage and the workpiece pass through the two ends of the blast chamber before allowing the shuttle.


11. After the work is completed, the power switch of the machine shall be cut off immediately to prevent the equipment from being in operation, so as to avoid accidents in the electrical equipment.



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