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Shot blasting machine uses and tips
Mar 31, 2018

Shot blasting technology is currently recognized as one of the advanced processes for surface cleaning, strengthening, light decoration and deburring of various mechanical components. The shot blasting machine used is mainly composed of a shot blaster, a wear-resistant rubber belt, auger, lifter, separator, feed conveying, dust collector and host. The current application of shot blasting machines has been quite extensive.


shot blasting machines have a relatively high functional and technical content. Among them, pc control and electrical automatic control have been specially set up. They have automatic monitoring, automatic protection and stepless frequency conversion and other devices. Therefore, for the user, in the actual production can achieve a multi-purpose purpose.


How does the shot blasting machine work? According to its operation principle, the device breaks through the traditional compressed air as a power method. Instead, it adopts a shot blasting device and a centrifugal force projection to perform high-speed projection on the workpiece surface, and performs shot blasting on the dead angle of the inner cavity of the workpiece. The required brightness, cleanliness, roughness and the purpose of strengthening the surface of the workpiece greatly increase the service life and aesthetics of the parts.


For users, the operation and use of the shot blasting machine still requires some skills. Being proficient in these techniques will help you to better operate and use the device. First of all, it should be noted that when using the equipment, the workpiece should be placed in the projectile area as much as possible. This will not only increase the cleaning efficiency but also reduce the wear of the shield and increase its service life. Secondly, in the case that the workpiece cannot be increased, the orienting sleeve should be adjusted so that the shot steel shots can be projected to the maximum amount on the workpiece, which can also increase the life of the shield and reduce the wear.


Last but not least, consider the site's operating environment. Therefore, during the operation of the shot blasting machine, we also need to adjust the dust removal system in time to make the wind power distribution reasonable and enhance the dust removal effect. In addition, the dust remover should be cleaned regularly to ensure a good environment for the shot blasting machine.



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