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Steel Sheet Shot Blasting Machine operation requirements and post-operation
Jan 13, 2018

Steel sheet shot blasting machine is mainly used in the use of steel equipment to deal with burrs and rust apparatus. It is through the removal of surface contaminants, coatings provide adhesion to increase the surface contour, in order to achieve the purpose of strengthening the workpiece.
The working principle of the plate shot blasting machine is relatively simple, when used by the blasting machine will grit and other particles through centrifugal force high speed projectile impact on the surface of the material object, and then to deal with the effect of the magazine. And it can also be through such surface treatment to reduce fatigue parts of the operation, so that parts of the surface force increases, improve work efficiency.
Steel sheet shot blasting machine operation requirements
1. The first to start the ventilation vacuum motor, view the operating conditions, and then start the normal shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine is not actuated, may not open for iron pill control valve.
2. To constantly check the quality of steel finishing, if necessary, adjust projectile projectile throwing point of view and roller conveyor speed, at any time to investigate whether the steel is deviation, slip should be promptly removed.
3. Note the operation of the shot blasting machine vibration and sound is not normal, bearing and motor temperature conditions, when abnormal to be parking check, remove the problem or replace the blade.
4. Blasting room operation ends, the tube should be closed first, to stop the wind, closed shot blasting motor, and finally stop the fan.
5. Abnormal phenomenon, immediately shut down, check the factors and promptly removed.
6. Moist steel plate into the shot blasting room for shot blasting.
Shot blasting machine operation after operation
1. Cut off the power, remove the debris on the screen below the separator.
2. The usual protection and conservation.
3. Fill in the "transfer records", do a shift assignment.


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