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Structural features and novel design of chain shot blasting machine
Dec 01, 2018

Chain shot blasting machine uses thicker filter material to reduce emissions and improve workers' working environment. The design concept of the whole equipment is very novel. It is easy to maintain when used. It can be used in a single machine or wiring under certain extent. .

Structural features of chain shot blasting machine

1. To prevent noise pollution, take noise reduction treatment on the fan.

2. Set the workbench and dust removal function to remove the dust directly at the source of dust.

3. Compact structure, small footprint, double or multiple stations simultaneously

4. Filter media can be selected according to the dust properties of the user to meet the dust removal of different properties.

5. The filter cartridge has a long service life, stable performance and easy replacement.

6. There are suction ports on the bottom, front and top of the workbench, which can effectively control the scattering of dust.

7. Configure a new low-noise fan with the same amount of air suction and lower noise. Protect the operator's physical and mental health

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