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Structure, Use and Characteristics of Shot Peeling Rust Remover on Outer Wall of Steel Pipe
Jun 15, 2018

After the steel pipe is produced in the steel plant, it will produce rust due to transportation of rainwater, etc. Therefore, in general, the process of rust removal will be used in the case of the next treatment. The general rust removal can be done by manual sand blasting, manual grinding, Automatic shot blasting machine, shot peening machine on the outer wall of steel pipe played an important role in this respect.


The steel pipe outer wall shot blasting rust remover is a shot blasting equipment specially designed for the steel pipe. It is mainly composed of a front chamber, a shot blasting chamber, a shot blaster assembly, a rear chamber, a pellet circulation purification system, Roller conveyors, platform ladders, dust removal systems and electrical controls are assembled, and the steel pipe is treated by its shot blasting to improve rust resistance and film adhesion.


This steel pipe shot blasting rust remover is mainly used for the surface cleaning of the middle and large diameter steel pipe outer wall. It can apply strong shot blasting to the steel surface in the original state to remove the rust rust layer and its scale on the steel. A uniform metallic luster surface with a certain degree of smoothness is obtained in order to remove the stress and improve the surface finishing quality and corrosion resistance of the steel.


In order to ensure the cleaning effect of the workpiece, the steel pipe outer wall shot blasting rust remover adopts a wear-resistant rubber roller as a conveying device, so that the cleaning effect can be effectively achieved, the abrasion resistance is enhanced, and the conveyance of the workpiece is facilitated. At the same time, the equipment also uses shallow pit design, installation and maintenance convenience.


In the shot blasting rust remover on the outer wall of the steel pipe, a centrifugal shot blaster with a large shot blasting amount and a high ejection speed is arranged, which significantly improves the cleaning efficiency and obtains satisfactory cleaning quality. There is also a shot-blast time accumulation function to guide the replacement of wear parts such as shot blaster blades.


In the process of designing and manufacturing shot blasting rust remover on the outer wall of the steel pipe, the equipment's simulated projectile diagram and all shots of the shot blasting machine are completely computer-aided. The selection and arrangement of the shot blaster is more reasonable and the use of projectiles is improved. The rate and labor productivity ensure the cleaning effect and reduce the wear on the body panel.



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