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Summary of the advantages of straight-line steel shot blasting machine
Oct 26, 2017

  The straight-line steel shot blasting machine has many advantages. In the actual operation, the user can achieve the complete sealing requirement of the projectile by the device. From the structure, this is mainly because of the multi-layer replaceable seal brush, which can satisfy this requirement. In addition, the linear steel shot blasting machine can achieve higher operational efficiency, and the overall operation is more convenient.

    Because of that, the straight-line steel shot blasting machine has been welcomed and praised by many users in the market. In addition to the convenience of operation, it is also easier to maintain and replace components when faults are encountered. In this way, it can ensure its overall performance and efficiency. At the same time, due to the advanced and reasonable design of the structure, the whole machine realizes the purpose of automatic control.

steel plate and H beam shot blasting machine.jpg

    A lot of friends in the structure of the straight line of steel shot blasting machine are interested in, in fact, the equipment is mainly composed of multiple systems, such as feeding roller, roller is sent out, shot blasting cleaning machine, pneumatic system, cutting mechanism, electric control system and dust removal system, etc. The air valve cylinder is used to control the unloading system.

   At present, the linear steel shot blasting machine which we use is mainly controlled by the PLC electrical control system, so it can meet the different requirements of shot blasting. After the processing of the machine, the workpiece can obtain a certain roughness of the smooth surface. In this way, it can effectively improve the adhesion of the spray and also help improve the surface quality and anticorrosive effect.

    Anyway, it is because the straight line steel shot blasting machine has so many advantages, so it has brought a lot of help to the user friends. Because of its excellent cleaning performance, and overall production efficiency has been significantly improved. Greatly increased output. In addition, straight line steel shot blasting machine installation is also very simple, and occupy space is small.

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