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Surface treatment effect and technical requirement of the shot blasting machine
Sep 20, 2017

In the course of the work, the shot blasting machine will effectively drop and shoot the steel shot on the material surface in a high speed with treatment technology. When the shot blasting machine processes on the surface of the material the technology it will be faster and more effective. To a certain extent, it can retain part or the casting process after punching.

The shot blasting machine can effectively remove rust, diaphragm and burr in use, which may affect the integrity, appearance or definition of the part of the object. The shot blasting machine can also remove surface contaminants for a part of the coating surface and provide a surface profile which can increase the adhesion of the coating. Then it can achieve the purpose of strengthening workpieces.

Unlike the shot peening machine, the shot blasting machine is applied to cast steel for the foundry industry, the burnt-on sand of the surface of iron castings and the elimination of the oxide skin. Almost all of iron castings, nodular iron castings, malleable iron pieces and grey cast irons all need to shot blasting.


Belt Shot Blasting Machines

The shot blasting machine can effectively remove the oxide skin and burnt-on sand on the surface of the casting. And the equipment is also an indispensable preparation process before the quality inspection of the casting. For example, its large steam turbine chassis must have the shot blasting cleaning strictly before doing the  non-destructive inspection to ensure the reliability of the crack detection results.

The shot blasting machine removes the burrs of the die casting and obtain a decorative surface quality with a shot blasting shot. Throwing peening or pickling ensure that large quantities of steel production to obtain high productivity and the use of mechanical or chemical joint removal of phosphorus.

The shot blasting machine in the cold rolling process must be carried out after annealing and then shot blasting or pickling treatment to ensure that the cold-rolled steel plate surface roughness and thickness accuracy in the productive process of the silicon steel sheet, stainless steel sheet and other alloy steel plate.

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