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Technical characteristics of Steel Tube outer Shot Blasting Machine
Aug 24, 2018

After the steel pipe and other products are shipped from the factory, rust may be generated for some reasons during transportation, so the rust removal process is required for the next step. Usually we can use the steel pipe outer wall shot blasting machine to process, so that the appearance of the beautiful steel pipe products.


The Steel Tube outer Shot Blasting Machine has different specifications, so it can be used for surface cleaning of steel pipes of different diameters. The machine can apply strong shot blasting to the surface of the original steel, remove the rust rust layer and its scale, and obtain a uniform and uniform metallic luster surface to remove stress and further improve the steel. Surface finish quality and corrosion resistance.


In addition, in order to ensure the cleaning effect of the shot blasting machine on the outer wall of the steel pipe, the wear-resistant rubber roller can be used as the conveying device, which can effectively achieve the cleaning effect, and can also enhance the wear resistance and facilitate the completion of the higher quality of the workpiece. delivery.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/

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