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The advanced design of the hanging chain shot blasting machine and the structure of the Longmen frame
Mar 09, 2018

S hanging chain shot blasting machine with its advanced design, reliable operation, high production efficiency and reasonable structure characteristics in the process of operation, the opportunity to help the suspension type shot blasting PLC electrical control effective, controllable gate and transportation of projectile projectile fault detection equipment, realize the automatic control, which has high productivity, good reliability and the degree of automation and other advanced features.


hanging chain shot blasting machine chamber can be welded and box structure using the steel plate, to a certain extent, its high strength and no vibration, the hot plate projectile blast chamber using ZGMn13 shield, in the fight against wear plates, Wan performance is greatly improved, life of up to 17000 hours.


The hanging chain shot blasting machine adopts a cantilever centrifugal blaster, which has the highest market retention rate, large shot blasting rate and high throwing speed, to a certain extent, can significantly improve its cleaning efficiency and labor productivity, and ensure the cleaning effect. The projectile with symmetrical arrangement can make the workpiece impacted more comprehensively and softly. It can not only achieve the ideal cleaning effect, but also ensure that the workpiece will not be changed. One shot and two rebound projectiles are used to improve the utilization ratio of the projectiles, so that the projectiles are evenly covered.


The load bearing body of the hanging chain shot blasting machine mainly adopts the Longmen rack structure, so that it can guarantee the workpieces to carry out barrier free and continuous transportation to a certain extent to a certain extent, so as to satisfy the cleaning requirements and operation safety of the workpieces.


The separator hanging chain shot blasting machine is mainly used in the full curtain type separator, in use of the separation effect is good, the pill, slag and dust separation efficiency can reach 99%, the whole device is using its advanced level three door sealing way, in the use of the sealing effect is good.


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