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The application and basic composition of metal shot blasting machine
Mar 23, 2018

The practical application of metal shot blasting machine is more extensive. It can clean up all kinds of metal sheet, metal structure, machine tool bed, metal product and so on. After the treatment of the metal shot blasting machine, the rust layer and the oxide skin on the surface of the metal products can be cleaned and the uniform metal luster is obtained.


In actual operation, the main working principle of metal shot blasting machine is through the metal component surface of the original state impose strong blast, resulting in to clear the dirt at the same time, but also can improve the finishing quality and preservative effects of steel, so it has been used more and more trade.


Then we will briefly introduce the basic components of the metal shot machine and the role it plays. The cleaning room is mainly the large cavity plate box welding structure, the inner wall of the chamber body is lined with ZGMn13 wear protection board, cleaning in the cavity of the seal.


At the same time, in the metal shot blasting machine, including the conveyor roller, mainly can be divided into indoor conveyor roller and loading and unloading section conveyor roller. The indoor roller table is covered with high chromium wear resistant sheath and spacing ring. The high chromium wear resistant sheath is used to protect the roller table and bear the bullet attack. The limit ring can make the workpiece run in a predetermined position, prevent deviation and cause accidents.


The hoist is also an important part of a metal shot blasting machine. It mainly consists of the upper and lower transmission, the barrel, the belt and the hopper. The upper and lower diameter pulley of the hoist is welded into polygonal structure by stiffening plate, wheel plate and wheel hub, so as to enhance friction force and avoid slipping phenomenon, and prolong the service life of the belt.


In addition to the above components, in the metal shot blasting machine, the rotating mechanism, impeller, shell, directional sleeve, pellet wheel, guard plate and other components are also very important components. It is precisely because of the combination of these components that the metal shot blasting machine has good performance.



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