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The application of shot blasting machine in many industries
May 03, 2018

Shot blasting is a surface treatment method which has been applied in developed countries in Europe and America. With the continuous improvement and technical maturity of the projectile processing equipment, the blasting processing technology and equipment have entered the fields of highway maintenance, bridge construction and airport maintenance in developed countries in Europe and America.

1. Casting industry: the casting parts produced by the general casting enterprises need to be polished and polished, while the shot blasting machine is the specialized machinery used in this field. He USES different models according to different workpieces, and does not damage the original shape and performance of the casting parts.

2. Mould industry: generally speaking, a mold is cast more more, and ask for a smooth mould itself, shot blasting cleaning machine can be according to the requirements of different polishing processing, will not damage the original shape and mold use performance.

3. Steel mill: steel and steel produced by the steel mill, with a lot of burr when it comes out, will affect the quality and the selling phase of the steel. These problems can be solved by using the shot blasting machine to solve these problems.

4. The shipyard, shipyard use steel plates with rust, will affect the quality of shipbuilding, impossible to use manual embroidery, that workload will be very big, it has to give the machine can remove the rust, to ensure the quality of shipbuilding, using series by type can solve;

5. Manufacturing: according to the requirements of the car factory work, using steel plates, some casting are need polishing processing, but can not damage the shapes of the strength of the steel plate, the original, the shapes of casting parts to ensure the clean and beautiful. Because car parts are not very regular, they require different polishing machines. The shot blasting machine needs to be used: roller type, rotary table, caterpillar type, through type shot blasting machine, different mechanical processing of different workpieces;

6. Hardware factory and electroplating factory: since both hardware and electroplating plants require the workpiece surface to be clean, smooth and smooth, the shot blasting machine can solve these problems. The workpiece of hardware factory is relatively small, suitable for use of roller shot blasting machine and crawler blasting machine, according to the situation. If the cleaning workpiece is small and the quantity is large, the electroplating factory can adopt the crawler shot blasting machine to finish the embroidery polishing of the workpiece.

7. Motorcycle accessories factory: due to the small parts of motorcycle parts, it is suitable to use the roller type shot blasting machine. If the quantity is large, the hook type or crawler can be used.

8. Valve factory: because the workpiece of the valve factory is cast, it needs polishing and polishing to be clean, smooth and smooth, which requires blasting cleaning machinery to clean up the impurities. Available machinery: rotary table, hook type shot blasting machine.

9. Bearing factory: the bearing is made of the mould and the surface is smooth. However, there are still some impurities or burrs, which need to be cleaned up, and the blasting machine is used in this case.

10. The steel structure construction companies: steel structure before use must derusting processing, to achieve the structure requirements prescribed by the state, through type shot blasting machine adopts fully automatic cleaning, without human derusting, and reduce the environmental pollution of the acid pickling.


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