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The application of superior performance of rotary table type shot blasting machine
Jan 20, 2018

Rotary  table shot blasting machines and general shot blasting equipment compared to the advantages or quite obvious, for example, it has a longer maintenance cycle and lower maintenance costs, which is crucial for the shot blasting machine. As the rotary table shot blasting machine good protection measures, it can guarantee the abrasion resistance of the shot blasting machine and the maintenance of convenient, simple and effective sealing components to prevent the shot blasting pill material leakage.
At the same time, rotary table shot blasting machine also equipped with efficient dust removal equipment and closed-loop material handling system can effectively prevent the operation of the shot blasting machine pollute the environment. With its unique mechanical structure and convenient operating platform, it is even more helpful to carry out the visual inspection and routine maintenance on the rotary table shot blasting machine.
Rotary table shot blasting machine to ensure that only the equipment is closed and the shot blasting machine stops rotating before they can enter the shot blasting chamber to ensure the safety of the operation process; In addition, wearing parts and parts and after-sales service is to ensure the shot blasting system in The preconditions for optimal operational status must be given more attention.
Rotary table shot blasting machine also has excellent pellet and dust re-adjustment system, so that the clean-up of the workpiece depends on the ball material, the residual sand, flash burr and dust and pellets can also be reliably removed. Rotary table shot blasting machines use a proven separation system, taking into account the type and extent of magazine possibilities.
There are two types of separators in the rotary table shot blasting machine: the separator and the pneumatic separator. The former and the final pneumatic cleaning can be used for the heavily polluted abrasive. The latter is used for other media. The generated dust is filtered through a suitable filter Complete separation, continuous dust removal can ensure efficient operation, to prevent environmental pollution, and ensure that the pellet separator in the best working condition.


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