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The application scope and characteristics introduction of spring special blasting machine
Oct 25, 2017

From the current use case analysis, the user friends mainly through the spring special shot blasting machine to complete the quality requirements relatively strict spring cleaning and intensive processing. This is because after being processed by the spring special shot blasting machine, the anti-fatigue level of the spring can be obviously improved, and the appearance quality can be improved, which will help to increase the adhesion of the spring.
    So, what are the main applications of spring special shot blasting machines? Firstly, the tensile stress of the workpiece can be alleviated by the treatment of shot blasting. Secondly, the device can also be used to refine the surface grain. Third, the device can also enhance the surface quality of the workpiece, thus extending its service life. Well, do you know what the main feature of this machine is?


Coil Spring Shot Blasting Machine

Compared with other similar equipment, the advantage of spring special shot blasting machine is more prominent. This is because the whole sealing effect is very good, and the hinge more perfect protection technology, combined with special attach great importance to the role of floaters and leaf spring, make whole blasting quality further improved. At the same time, this machine adopts independent guide plate, which can ensure that projectile pellets are more concentrated, thus improving working efficiency.
More importantly, because of such structural design, it can save a lot of cost. In addition, the spring special blasting machine can also improve the corrosion resistance of mechanical products and metal profiles, and can enhance the anti-fatigue performance of the plate chain. It also helps to weaken the internal stress and strengthen its performance.
    Besides, it is very easy for users to control whether it is the daily operation of the spring special shot blasting machine, or maintenance and maintenance. All in all, the spring special blasting machine can bring great help to the user friends.

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