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The characteristics of the tumbling shot blasting machine and its grinding method
Nov 22, 2018

Rolling shot blasting machine is widely used in the trolley industry, galvanizing, tin plating, surface treatment, strengthening treatment, road and bridge waterproof engineering and other industries, stable performance, reasonable structure and convenient operation. There are many grinding methods for the tumbling shot blasting machine. One is the rotary grinding method, which is to install the workpiece in the grinding tank, the grinding stone, the abrasive, and the water to give a predetermined rotary motion, so that the flow surface of the material surface is generated and polished. Processing method, suitable for small and medium parts and multi-variety small batch workpiece grinding.


Another grinding method of the roll blasting machine is the vibration grinding method, which is to install the workpiece in the grinding tank, the grinding stone, the abrasive, the water to vibrate, and the relative motion difference between the grinding stone and the workpiece generated by the vibration. The processing method for grinding is a grinding method which is currently widely used.


The tumbling shot blasting machine also has a centrifugal grinding method. A plurality of grinding grooves are equidistantly mounted on the rotary shaft of the slewing head disk to perform planetary rotation motion, and centrifugal force is applied, and the material is surrounded by the centrifugal wall. On the side of the outer circumference of the rotation, the outer disk of the rotary disk is rotated and ground once, and the grinding groove is reversed once, and the material moves in the direction of rotation in which the inner space of the grinding groove contacts the upper layer portion.


Due to the centrifugal force and the forced flow velocity, the material causes the free grinding stone in the material to flow with the workpiece, and the relative motion difference occurs due to the flow, and the grinding action is caused by the existence of the relative motion difference. The rotation speed is 140~180r/min, and the relative motion difference and centrifugal force proportional to the number of revolutions increase. Its grinding action is 60 times higher than that of a rotary grinder, which is 5 to 8 times that of a vibrating grinder. The centrifugal grinder has a very good grinding capacity and shows a large grinding force. It is widely used in the polishing of precision machinery such as watches, electronic and electrical parts, and is especially suitable for the grinding of small workpieces.http://www.wxblastmachine.com/


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