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The classifications and respective uses of the shot blasting machine
Sep 25, 2017

In the working process The shot blasting machine will effectively increase the dislocation densities of the metallic material to a certain degree  according to the theory of modern metal strength. It can effectively increase the main direction of the metal strength. According to the practice, shot blasting is a effective technique, which can increase the dislocation structure of the metal.

The shot blasting machine has the important significance for some metal which can't have the phase transformation hardening or the workpiece which have had the phase transformation hardening but also need to be further strengthened. Nowadays, the components in the automotive industry,  aviation industry and aerospace industry are required to have the lightweight and the higher reliability. The important procedure measure is to improve the strength of the component and the fatigue strength. 

The shot blasting machine can be divided into turntable, bogie type, drum type, chain slat type , squirrel-cage, hanging type and so on. The chain slat type and drum type can be used to clean the middle and small size casting which are not afraid of collision.

The drum type shot blasting machine mainly uses the heliciform bar in the barrel, which will make the casting overturn and move forward to a certain degree. The chain slat type shot blasting machine makes the casting overturn and move through the movement of the chain plate.

2015-04-15 15.19.56.jpg

tumble type Shot Blasting Machines

The bogie type, hanging type and turntable shot blasting machine are used to clean the large-and-middle-sized casting. Under normal circumstances, it will be a fixed shot blasting room. The casting which is need cleaning moves and gyrates in the shot blasting room. It usually will have several impeller heads in different positions in the shot blasting room. They cast the projectiles from different positions in order to increase the efficiency and quality of cleaning.

The hanging type shot blasting machine can be equipped with a plurality of hooks on the suspension chain according to the need of the cleaning casting. The casting is hung on the hook when cleaning. It can move forward and self turnover. We should load and unload the casting out of the shot blasting room and clean the casting indoor.

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