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The composition and working conditions of shot blasting machine and how to classify it
Oct 28, 2017

1.What kind of machine equipment is the shot blasting machine? And does it have any other names?
The correct understanding of the shot blasting machine is to use the high-speed projectile thrown out by the blasting machine to clean or strengthen the surface of the workpiece, so as to achieve the desired purpose and effect, and improve the surface performance and appearance of the workpiece. In addition, the shake out and  decoring can be done on the workpiece. Therefore, the equipment, in addition to the blasting machine, can also be called the sand blaster or sanding machine.
2.Does the shot blasting machine belong to a shot blasting equipment? What are the main applications and components?
The shot blasting machine belongs to the shot blasting equipment, and it is also the main representative of the shot blasting equipment. The main application of this equipment is the cleaning of sand and oxide skin on the surface of cast steel or iron castings in the foundry industry.
The composition of the shot blasting machine mainly includes the blast machine, supporting body, dust removal system, and projectile collection, separation and transportation system, which all are important and indispensable parts. Moreover, some blasting machines can also swing or move up and down within a certain angle.
3.How to classify the shot blasting machine? In addition, are there any working conditions?
The classification of shot blasting machine is different according to different standards. The shot blasting machine can be divided into drum type, chain slat type, turntable, bogie type, hanging type and squirrel-cage according to the structure of casting bearing body. The shot blasting machine can be divided into intermittent and continuous machine.
The shot blasting machine has some working conditions and requirements, mainly including the work surface roughness and angle, environmental temperature, humidity and altitude. Only meet these requirements, and in the allowable range, it can ensure the normal operation and use of the shot blasting machine, to avoid problems.

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