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The composition and working principle of internal pipe sand blast machine machine
Jan 24, 2018

Because of the different diameter of the steel tube, different shot blasting equipment is needed to deal with it. The internal pipe sand blast machine is a shot blasting equipment designed for different diameters. It uses automatic shot blasting to effectively remove the rust on the inner surface of the pipeline, and uses the high-speed projectile thrown by the high efficiency shot blasting machine to break the oxide scale, rust layer and sundries on the inner surface of the steel pipe, so that we can get fine and bright surface.

The use of internal pipe sand blast machine not only help to improve the surface quality of the pipeline, can improve the tensile and compressive strength, increase adhesion for inner surface coating protection, achieve anticorrosive, protective tube, prolong the service life of the steel tube, after cleaning the surface of the workpiece surface roughness and roughness in conformity with the provisions of the relevant standards.

Look from the structure, internal pipe sand blast machine mainly comprises a movable auxiliary chamber, and the fixed sealing chamber wall hydraulic movable blasting, steel belt machine device, autobiography projectile conveying mechanism, a bottom belt conveyor, hoist, maintenance platform, separator, dust removal system, the inner wall of the pipe, the walking mechanism of shot blasting machine unloading mechanism, hydraulic system and electrical control system component.

 When work starts, the first will be loaded into the pipe conveying cart by hydraulic loading mechanism, conveying pipe and car driven to the fixed sealing chamber move, moved to a predetermined position. The car stopped moving background and mobile hydraulic sealing chamber blasting with moving towards the other end of pipe.

The end part of the steel pipe is completely sealed after the detected position after moving the seal chamber to stop, then the steel is in a closed state; impeller head of the pipe inner wall shot blasting machine in a sealed chamber at the fixed end in the trolley drive, and then start the rotation mechanism, polishing head, pipe conveyor structure, projectile and dust removal system in mobile car polishing head so, in the steel pipe rotary polishing head and walk to the side wall ejection projectile steel pipe, steel tube pulled completely through the inner wall of steel pipe cleaning.

In order to improve the utilization efficiency of the projectile and reduce the wear of the sealing chamber, the chamber of the pipe inner wall shot blasting machine is designed and manufactured firmly, and the guard plate in the chamber is firmly installed. Not only that, the design of other parts of the shot blasting machine on the inner wall of the pipe also helps to achieve the ideal shot blasting effect.


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