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The development status and prospect of the domestic shot blasting machine industry
May 22, 2017

With the development of reform and opening up, the take-off of science and technology, China's various machinery industry have been rapid development, including shot blasting machine industry is no exception, especially in the road shot blasting machine, small shot blasting machine. Although China has not developed the habit of industry statistics, but so far, the high-end market is basically imported shot blasting machine occupation, the domestic shot blasting machine industry development is too slow to keep pace with the development of the industry.

Throughout China's shot-blasting machine market, there are several aspects: on the one hand, the last 10 years the market for shot blasting machine has been surging, sales have climbed, showing a faction although the controversy intensified but also prosperity of the scene, so that the shot blasting machine people in their homes have a place to be, on the other hand, the level of competition is clear: foreign shot machine only with foreign competition, domestic and domestic competition. In most areas, the technical level of the domestic shot blasting machine is far from foreign counterparts, even the quality gap.

At present, there are many domestic shot blasting machine enterprises, but most of them are in a low grade level, our blasting machine industry should be very basic, but unfortunately, in the past 20 years to develop too slow. All kinds of shot blasting machine field we have a lot of enterprises, but the product level is not high. Although there are some cranes in the field of shot-blasting machines, there are too few companies. But in the long run, now the shot blasting machine enterprises have begun to pay attention to technological innovation, the development prospects are also good, replace the imported shot blasting machine into the mainstream is also around the corner.

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