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The differential performance of roller - shot blasting machine and sandblasting machine
Oct 12, 2017

Rotary drum shot blasting machines is one of the most commonly used shot blasting equipment, which can effectively deal with the workpiece or product to achieve the desired effect. In practical applications, individual users will be able to use sandblasting machine instead of the roller type shot blasting machine, which is not to be used. After all, it is two different devices, and their functions and principles are different.

  To tumble shot blasting machine, it is to use mechanical or compressed air purification, spray the sand flow strongly to the surface of metal products, using abrasive powerful impact effect, abort the workpiece contaminants, reach the purpose of cleaning and modify process. In roller type shot blasting machine, more metal abrasive including steel shot, steel grit, ceramic pills, etc.


 Crankshaft Shot Blasting

It can make the parts produce compressive stress, and without the silica dust pollution, the fatigue strength and stress and corrosion resistance of the parts can be improved. That is to say, the blasting can replace generally hot and cold forming process, may carry on the processing of large thin wall aluminum parts, which can avoid the parts surface residual tensile stress and the formation of a good compressive stress.
  Depending on the product, the performance and other requirements can be determined whether to use shot blasting or sand blasting, to determine whether to use the roller type shot blasting machine or sandblasting machine. Whether it is the shot blasting process and the projectile strength, it is required that the surface of the parts can produce pressure blasting processing, and there must be sufficient coverage.
   In addition to abrasive, abrasive, abrasive recycling way different sorting device,the drum machine and sand blasting machine's other equipment, abrasive is the same. Of course, smaller particles and sandblasting equipment and general, but it also depends on the actual situation.
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