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The function and application scope of H beam steel structure shot blasting machine
Jun 22, 2018

In the actual production operation, the H-type steel structure shot blasting machine suspends the work piece to be processed on the conveyor roller path, and conveys the work piece forward through the roller conveyor system. When the work piece enters the cleaning chamber, the blasting machine starts to work in sequence. After shot blasting by the H beam steel structure shot blasting machine, the oxide scale, dirt, and other attachments on the surface of the steel are cleaned, and the normally treated surface can reach Sa2-2.5 level.


In addition, the production of shot blasting machines for H-shaped steel structures is a continuous cycle. Normally, the thrown pellets are collected and processed by the recycling system and continue to be used by the blasting machine. It can make the cleaned work piece show a clean shiny metal surface, improve the quality of the work piece finishing.


Combined with the current application situation, H beam steel structure shot blasting machine is mainly used for the surface cleaning and strengthening of steel structure weldment, H-shaped steel, steel plate and other types of steel, especially in industries such as automobiles, tractors, diesel engines, motors, valves, etc. Be applicable. H beam steel structure shot blasting machine can also perform surface shot blasting on crankshafts, connecting rods and other work pieces.


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