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The function of the plate shot blasting machine and the filtration and purification system
Feb 04, 2018

The plate blasting machine can finish the pretreatment of all kinds of plates and profiles, and after processing, it can significantly improve the quality and added value of steel produced by steel mills. For example, in marine engineering projects such as ship building and drilling platform, there are strict requirements for the size of steel. Therefore, a higher standard is put forward for various surface treatments, such as plate shot blasting machine.

This is because in actual production work, there will always be a large number of plates and special profiles before being assembled, and high-quality and efficient pre cleaning activities such as cleaning, cutting, welding and painting are completed. As a basic process, surface treatment is usually done on the preprocessing line. The pretreatment line simultaneously sets up the process of throwing shot, upper primer and drying. So it will be used to the plate shot blasting machine.

After the processing of this process, the plate and the profile can be thoroughly cleaned up with the help of the plate shot blasting machine. At the same time, a layer of temporary anticorrosion coating can be sprayed. This can further improve the performance of plate and profile. Combined with the application situation, the filtration and purification system currently used by the equipment mainly consists of two different devices, namely the paint mist treatment wet purification device and the paint mist treatment dry filter purification device.

So what is the difference between the two devices? Normally, if the plate shot blasting machine filtration system configuration is paint mist treatment wet cleaning device, then paint mist exhaust gas into the processing chamber through the water curtain spray, paint mist particles into the water, the organic waste gas into the active tank, one of the few substances adsorbed by off, clean air is discharged into the atmosphere after treatment that conforms to the national environmental protection standard.

From the above, we can see that in actual production, the filter cleaning system used in plate blasting machine can filter and process the high concentration harmful gas generated in the process of workpiece spraying, so as to achieve the discharge standard.


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