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The geometrical characteristics of steel structure shot blasting machine
May 22, 2017

residual pill removal options: pneumatic clearance. The pneumatic and mechanical combination of the compressed air and the adjustable rotary roller brush In the height direction is unique, with a slight tilt in the shot direction, and the geometrical characteristics of the parabolic type ensure:

1. All direction shot blasting evenly;

2. The workpiece is thoroughly cleaned by shot blasting;

3. At one pass, all facets of the profile are cleaned;

4. The delivery speed of the workpiece can be adjusted, the pill material throwing speed and the amount of material can also be adjusted, with the following advantages: 

5. The strength of shot blasting can be adjusted;

6. The ability to adapt to different types of workpiece, wear less;

7. The consumption of pellet is less;

8. At any time, different cleaning procedures can be set up in the program control system;

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