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The integrity rate and equipment management of the Hanging Chain Shot Blasting Machine
Dec 06, 2018

In the process of running the chain shot blasting machine, its operators need to patrol the equipment to check whether there is abnormal noise and overheating of various parts. When the equipment is found to have serious faults during operation, press the “Emergency Stop” button to stop and repair, and cooperate with the professional to eliminate the equipment failure.

The operator of the chain-type shot blasting machine must manage the equipment according to the equipment, and carry out daily maintenance and weekly maintenance (including lubrication) during operation. Clean the dust and debris in the dust collector every week so as not to affect the dust removal quality and ensure the integrity of the equipment.

The operator of the chain-type shot blasting machine must implement civilized production and safe production while strictly implementing the handover system. At the end of the work, immediately turn off the unit's power switch to prevent the unit from running. And clean up the work site.

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