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The main features and surface cleaning of a turntable shot blasting machine
Mar 10, 2018

The turntable shot blasting machine is mainly suitable for the production of the surface cleaning of small and medium-sized workpieces during the operation process, so that the standard equipment is suitable for its engine connecting rod, gear, diaphragm spring and so on when it is operated. The main features of a turntable shot blasting machine

1. The production process of the turntable shot blasting machine is mainly composed of separator, elevator, pill feeding device, a chamber body, a turntable, a transmission system, shot blasting machine and other components, in the room top Taiwan high speed rotating impeller device, the best range of projectile on the workpiece, the workpiece with the turn out Taiwan chamber, can directly see the effect of cleaning, in order to carry out the next step.

2. The turntable shot blasting machine drive the rotation of the scrape grits plate  with the drive system , so the grits flow through the grits pipe to underpart of the elveator , then the hoist mentioned separator for separation, integrity  the projectile through the pill feeding tube and gate for shot blasting machine continuously, and then enter the dust crushing projectile the pipeline, to be separated for the two time.

3. The transmission mechanism of the turntable shot blasting machine is mainly driven by the cycloid pin wheel, which drives the friction wheel, and it will rub through the clutch mechanism and the turntable to make the turntable rotate smoothly. When the workpiece from the outdoor can be used for direct adjustment and changes been cleared of work, also can at any time according to the degree of difficulty of cleaning workpiece of different loading and turning the workpiece to the clutch handle, the friction wheel and the turntable turntable is out, stop changing modulation good workpiece handle location, and then began to turn the table.


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