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The main structure and working principle of steel Sheet shot blasting machine
Mar 20, 2018

The steel Sheet shot blasting machine is arranged in multiple angles. In actual production, the device can project high-speed and dense projectile bundles and strike at various parts of the original steel to perform three-dimensional and all-round cleaning. After treatment by the steel shot blasting machine, the rust layer, welding slag, oxide scale, and dirt on each surface of the steel material can be rapidly detached to obtain a smooth surface with a certain roughness.


More importantly, after the treatment by the steel sheet shot blasting machine, the adhesion between the paint film and the steel surface can be effectively improved, and the fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of the steel material can be improved, the intrinsic quality of the steel material can be improved, and the length thereof can be extended. Service life. In this device, the main functional components include a cleaning room, indoor conveyor roller conveyors, and in-out material conveyor roller conveyors, shot blasters, and projectile recycling systems.


Based on the analysis of the working conditions of the roller-type continuous feeding high-functionality steel shot blasting machine, when the steel conveyor or steel is sent into the ejection zone of the cleaning machine room during the cleaning process by an electrically controlled variable speed conveyor roller path, Each side of the body is struck and rubbed by powerful and dense projectiles from different coordinate positions, so that the oxides, rust, and other dirt on the surface begin to fall off quickly.


After the steel plate is processed, its surface will become very smooth, and then the workpiece is loaded and unloaded on both sides of the cleaning roller outside the cleaning chamber of the steel shot blasting machine. Dust will be generated during shot blasting. The dust will be sent to the dust removal system through the exhaust pipe. The purified net gas will be discharged into the atmosphere and the particulate dust will be captured and collected.


In short, the steel plate shot blasting machine can pretreat different types of plates and can effectively improve the quality and added value of the steel after processing. Moreover, after the use of a steel shot blasting machine, the surface quality of the steel can be better ensured for some of the more demanding fields.



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