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The Mesh belt passing shot blasting machine for aluminum products
Mar 21, 2018

The aluminum piece is used for direct selling of the mill. The Mesh belt passing shot blasting machine is generally relatively small and relatively thin on the surface.

It can be treated by two ways: the hook type shot blasting machine and the crawler type shot blasting machine, but there are advantages and disadvantages for all the shot throwing of aluminum parts the crawler type shot blasting machine and the hook type shot blasting machine. The crawler shot blasting machine for small work pieces is better, but for large work pieces, the crawler type is can not used.

The hook type shot blasting machine is not suitable, and the surface of the aluminum alloy parts is not allowed to appear on the surface of the workpiece when the requirements of the surface are relatively high.

As a result, the crawler type shot blasting machine is also abandoned by some high demand manufacturers, and the hook type shot blasting machine is not treated for the shot blasting of the workpiece.

There will be a problem of bruising but there will be a problem of uneven surface shot of the aluminum surface.

Working principle of mesh belt passing shot blasting machine:

Mesh belt through type shot blast cleaning machine is the workpiece on the conveyor belt, the workpiece forward conveyor system, when the workpiece into the clean room, shot blasting machine began work order. After shot shot treatment, the oxide skin, dirt and other attachments on the steel surface are cleaned up, and the treated surface can reach Sa2-2.5 grade. The working mode of the shot blasting machine is carried out in a continuous cycle.

The pellets thrown out by the shot blasting device are collected and processed by the circulating treatment system, and continue to be used for the shot blasting device. The circulatory system works: scattered through the lower vertical screw conveyor and the projectile under the slope is transported to the bucket elevator, bucket elevator will be upgraded to pellets and sundries cleaning chamber upper conveyed by transverse screw conveyor for efficient BE separator separator after BE treatment, dust and debris separation and pellets okay, well into the pill material storage hopper to be used for storage, shot blasting machine.

In order to produce a lot of dust when blasting, the machine is equipped with high-efficiency LT-12 pulse anti blow cleaning cartridge filter a, the dust collector has the advantages of small volume, high efficiency, convenient installation and maintenance, the purified air is much lower than the same industry soot emission standards.

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