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The structure of the Hanging Chain Type Shot Blasting is reasonable and the service life is high.
Oct 17, 2018

Hanging chain shot blasting has the characteristics of advanced design, reasonable structure, reliable operation and high production efficiency. This equipment mainly relies on PLC electrical control, projectile control gate and projectile transport detection, etc., to realize automatic control of the whole machine. High productivity, reliability and advanced automation.


 The shot blasting chamber body of the Hanging Chain Type Shot Blasting is made of steel and steel plate welded box structure. The strength of the whole product is high but vibration is not generated. The blasting chamber throwing hot zone guard plate adopts ZGMn13 guard plate, which is wear-resistant. The performance of bulletproof shots has been greatly improved, and the service life can reach more than 17,000 hours.


The chain-type shot blasting dust removal system adopts the most advanced pulse-type back-flushing dust collector in the world, which fully meets the requirements of modern environmental dust removal, mainly adopting Q034z15 with the highest domestic market retention rate, large shot blasting capacity and high ejection speed. The cantilever centrifugal blasting machine can significantly improve the cleaning efficiency and labor productivity, and ensure the cleaning effect. The symmetrical arrangement of the projectiles allows the workpiece to be subjected to a more comprehensive and soft projectile impact, which not only achieves the desired cleaning effect, but also ensures that the workpiece does not deform. One shot and two rebound shots to improve the utilization of the projectile, so that the projectile coverage is uniform.

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