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The surface treatment of the steel plate shot blasting machine
Nov 06, 2017

Steel shot blasting machine work in the process of the high speed steel grits shot blasting on the material surface, Compared with the others surface treatments technology, the use of the product will be faster and more effective, and can be retained or stamped in the process of casting after use.
Steel plate shot blasting machine can be in use for removing burrs, rust and membrane function etc. In use, it may affect the integrity of the part of the object, the appearance of the device, or the definition, The equipment can also remove contaminants on the surface of the coated parts, and provide a surface profile to increase the adhesion of the coating to achieve the purpose of strengthening the workpiece.
Steel pretreatment line steel technology in the processing refers to the former (that is, a state of raw materials) for shot blasting the surface rust and painted with a protective coat of processing technology. After pre-treatment of steel products can improve the mechanical and corrosion-resistant metal components ability of anti-fatigue properties of steel, extending its life; but also can optimize the production process of steel surface, and is conducive to cutting machine CNC cutting and precision blanking . In addition, pre-processing of steel as a result of comparing the shape of the rules in favor of mechanical and automated spray paint rust, so the use of steel pre-treatment can enhance the efficiency of clean-up, clean-up operations to reduce labor intensity and the pollution of the environment.    In recent years, as a result of the use of PLC control, automation equipment, greater emphasis has been improved.
Workpiece conveyor system:
1. One of the roller sides has steel plate to arrange the roller, to be convenient to load the material.                          
2. The whole workpieces conveyor system is frequency timing, not only to synchronously running, but also can individual operate.                               
3. The roller of Shot blast cabinet has special wear-resistant jacket.
Shot blasting cleaning chamber
1. Workpieces detect devices are out of the shot blast cabinet to avoid the shot and power dust.
2. With Switzerland +GF+ shot blast Wheel, shot blast quantity are large, the life of the blade more than 2000 hours.     
3. Workpiece height measurement, automatically adjust the open of the shot valve.
Sweeping chamber
With secondary sweeping and secondary blowing
Shot cycle purifying system
1 Elected to adopt full curtain air separator,
2 The use of a dedicated core polyester hoist belt,
3 Projectile controller controlling the use of gas
4 Ball point of the circulatory system has the power failure alarm function
Shot dust collecting system
With large-scale cyclone + filter dust catcher. Power dust exhausting less than 80mg/m3   
Painting spray chamber
The two set  high compressed airless painting pump detecting device,running system and gun spraying device can avoid fume disturb and improve the running
Drying chamber
With dielectric heater and sirocco cycle philosophy make the best of energy. In the drying chamber the temperature can be adjusted among 40--70°C.the plate chain conveyor system add partial-round to solve the machine malfunctions
Fume filter and harmful gas purifying device
Fume filter cotton is made of glass fibrin and non-woven fabrics. It takes one year to maintenance by activated carbon adsorption harmful gases.
Electric control system
With PLC control, computer dynamic simulating monitoring system can carry out the producing line automatically control

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