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The traditional casting process will face the lost situation
May 22, 2017

Foundry is the basic industry of machinery industry, all machinery is inseparable from castings. However, the author of Jiangsu province Hai ' an metalforming machinery Production Enterprise survey found that many manufacturers have no longer use the cheap castings, instead of casting 25% of the cost of castings or forgings to replace the castings, only Fort town, for example, the town of 98 small and medium-sized forging enterprises have only one enterprise to retain the casting workshop, the rest or outside the association, or plate welding instead.

Why are companies unwilling to use castings? is not the castings to meet the production requirements. I inquired about several enterprises, and found that the reason is not this. caused many enterprises to abandon casting reasons, the author summed up as follows: One is built a foundry workshop is more complex than the construction of a plate welding workshop, investment is relatively high, production cycle is also longer than plate welding time. Second, there is a high security hidden danger, casting belongs to High-temperature operation, easy to cause burns and other industrial accidents. Three are engaged in casting fewer workers. Foundry workers are both bitter and dirty compared to other types of work, and young people are unwilling to learn to cast the craft, placing more attention on metal processing or fitter assembly.

China's iron and steel resources are limited, if the machine tools are high cost of the medium plate, abandon the use of casting technology, on the one hand to increase production costs, on the other hand, traditional casting technology will face extinction. To this end, the author suggests that the use of casting technology enterprises to increase the strength of the production of castings in the product standards, in the tax on large-scale return, strengthen the training of workers and purposeful training, so that the traditional casting process is inherited.

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