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The unloading system and design requirements of the steel pipe inner wall shot blasting machine
Dec 18, 2017

In the process of steel pipe inner wall blasting machine is very suitable for use in the inner and outer surface of steel pipe and steel shot blasting products, the need for effective removal of the oxide layer and welding slag and other debris in use, this will to some extent effectively showing a metallic luster, so you have to paint and workpiece applied to a certain extent.

The pipe inner wall  shot blasting machine for different size of the opportunity for effective treatment of a new type of pipe wall cleaning equipment, has powerful processing ability in the use of equipment, can choose different shot peening equipment or pipe diameter according to different, including throwing pill cleaning driven by a hydraulic motor, the motor drive start blasting.

The equipment will have a big diameter steel pipe inner wall shot blasting machine and small diameter 600mm below the steel shot blasting machine in the process of design, this equipment is mainly used to remove the surface corrosion of automatic shot, high-speed projectile using efficient shot blasting machine throws the beam pipe break on the inner surface of the oxide skin, rust layer and debris, the the fine and bright surface, improve the tensile and compressive strength, increase adhesion for inner surface coating protection, achieve anticorrosive, protective tube, prolong the service life of the steel pipe.

The surface roughness and roughness of the surface of the workpiece after t the steel pipe inner wall shot blasting machine conforms to the relevant standards. The use of small diameter steel pipe inner wall shot blasting machine, shot peening pipe wall line, including mobile trolley, sand, sand tank, spray gun, spray gun carrier, steel bearing system, the projectile bottom belt conveyor, bucket elevator, maintenance platform, separator, dust removal system, bracket, pneumatic system, compressed air system electric control system.

The steel pipe inner wall shot blasting machine is equipped with a pneumatic unloading system on the conveying trolley, which can carry out two sides automatic unloading. After putting the workpiece into the working position, the mobile seal chamber moves to the direction of the fixed sealing chamber under the drive of the reducer, thus sealing the ends of the steel pipe. Steel shot blasting machine in the cleaning process, the projectile and recycling system using pneumatic conveying system, the projectile projectile can be recovered by negative pressure in the pipe and dust removal system implementation, when the arrival of the seal chamber, because the side room instantly increase pneumatic conveying force immediately disappear, projectile landed projectile recovery belt.


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