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The working principle of the passing throught type shot blasting machine
Dec 23, 2017

Through type shot blasting machine in the process of operation, blasting the wheel during the rotation of the centrifugal force and effective wind driven motor, when a certain particle size pellets into the pill tube when it is accelerated into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, under the action of centrifugal force, pellets by the impeller thrown into the window through the set of directed sets, directed by the blade thrown out the window, pick up the high-speed rotary, and constantly accelerated motion along the blade length until thrown, thrown pellets formed a fan-shaped beam, uniformly blow on the strip surface, the impact of rust, oxide skin, remove off in order to achieve, on the strip cleaning purpose.
Through type shot blasting machine continuous process can work in the work, the use of various types of steel materials such as steel, the steel, steel, steel, steel castings and so on in a continuous manner through descaling, cleaning and pretreatment.
Through type shot blasting machine operation is very simple, in the process of use need to be steel material handling machine, press the small button, after a short cycle time, the system will handle the material automatically unloaded, the cleaning process, remove all dust and residual pellets.

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