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Wet blasting machine advantages and adhesion
Apr 12, 2018

Wet sandblasting machines are also known as liquid sandblasting machines, wet sandblasting machines, and water sanders to a certain extent. The difference between wet blasting machines and dry blasting machines is that wet blasting machines use sand and The abrasive is placed in water.

The wet blasting machine allows the water sands to be mixed together, and the high-pressure gas of the grinding liquid pump and the compressor is rapidly sprayed on the object to be processed through the spray gun nozzle so as to achieve the effect of cleaning the surface of the object.

Wet blasting machine advantages

Dry sandblasting machine can not mix sand and water and use grinding liquid pump in the process of operation. Effective use of wet sandblasting machine is much more efficient than dry sandblasting machine, sand material consumption is also much less , It can also improve the cleanliness and smoothness of the surface of the processed object.

Wet sandblasting machine can also improve the strength and adhesion of the surface of the processing object, and it is environmentally friendly. The wet blasting machine is convenient to install and does not require a separate workshop. It can be directly processed on the production line.



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