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What are the advantages of Steel belt shot blasting machine?
Aug 04, 2018

Steel belt shot blasting machine can achieve more ideal cleaning effect in practical application. It is suitable for removing castings, forgings and other workpieces that are easy to roll and fall, and non-brittle parts that are not easily crushed and the surface of castings that are not deep. Sticky sand, rust layer and scale, burr. The steel track shot blasting machine has good protection measures, strong shot blasting performance, reasonable circulation system structure, and satisfactory results for workpieces that are difficult to clean.


Considering the structural design, the steel crawler shot blasting machine is specially equipped with a cantilever centrifugal blasting machine, so it has the advantages of large projectile angle, high efficiency, no dead angle and long service life. Moreover, it also has good separation effect and high productivity, and has a positive effect on improving the blade.


More importantly, after using this steel track shot blasting machine, the working environment on the spot has been greatly improved, and the concentration of smoke emitted is low, in line with national standards. Moreover, the steel track shot blasting machine is more wear-resistant, the operation is more stable and reliable, and the cleaning effect is good.


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