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What are the basic features of the grinding machine
Dec 06, 2017

The grinding machine is actually a grinding machine for grinding different workpiece surfaces, which can be ground by abrasive or abrasive tools. In general, the grinding machine can lapping the high precision plane, conical surface, cylindrical surface, spherical surface, thread surface and other surface in the workpiece.
In order to ensure the suitable grinding speed and enable operators to easily adjust to the suitable grinding speed, the current grinding machine adopts stepless speed regulation system control. Its control system is based on PLC as the control core, and the text display is the control mode of man-machine dialogue interface. In this way, the staff can maintain and operate the equipment through the man-machine dialogue interface, making the whole operation more simple and quick.
More importantly, the security performance of the whole machine is very good, and if it is misoperated in an abnormal state, it will not take effect. Therefore, the user can monitor the grinding machine in real time, meet the fault and error. It will alarm automatically, and it is also very convenient to maintain.
In fact, in the actual processing and production, grinding is one of the most important processes in ultra precision processing. Its main advantages lie in high processing precision and wide range of processing materials. However, there are many defects in the grinding method of transmission, so that the traditional grinding is limited. With the improvement of the technical level, the application of the grinding machine is becoming more and more extensive.
This also reflects that the lapping machine has many advantages in practical application, which not only can better guarantee the accuracy of grinding, but also can obviously reduce the production cost and improve the processing efficiency.
Combined with the current production situation to analyze, in fact, the domestic market demand for grinding machines is still very large. That is to say, the future market prospect of the device is very worth looking forward to. Therefore, in order to better promote the use of new lapping machine, we need to increase publicity and expand the sales volume of new grinding.


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